The Seatbelts: “Wo Qui Non Coin”

Strictly speaking, “Wo Qui Non Coin” is neither jazz or blues, but borders on both. If anything, it’s a  hum sandwiched with layers of indecipherable lyrics that oozes with joie de vivre. Composed by Japan’s jazz/blues master Yoko Kanno of the Seatbelts, “Wo Qui Non Coin” is tinged with playful elements characteristic of jazz and sprinkled with some bluesy lassitudes. And as the fake French blends in with sweet flute whistles, easing in and out until it ends, you’d agree this song is beautiful—simply beautiful.

Trivia: “Wo Qui Non Coin” seems to be a corruption of the first line in the lyrics “Boku no koino ga” (supposedly talking about some lost puppy).


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